About Wicked Clown

Name: Wicked Clown

AKA: WickedClown-UK

Default port: 2303

D.O.B: 1st April 666

Location: Tombstone

Email: wicked.clown at tombstone-bbs.co.uk

Podcast: www.eurotrashsecurity.eu

Hi, I am Wicked Clown. I am a UK based cyber punk! I don’t view myself as a hacker as a hacker is someone who can manipulate / modify code to do what he/she wants. I am not a hacktivist as I don’t have any political agenda, I hate everybody!. I am not a criminal as I don’t steal peoples ID nor steal credit cards. But what I do enjoy doing is investigating and learning every about any type of hack or exploit from computers, lifts, phones, road signs any thing and that’s what makes me a cyber punk I my main love is playing with IT security and testing systems.

I have been a playing with systems since around about 1988 before the internet, in the days of war dialling, trading of information on BBS and when IT security was so relaxed that your password list was just the default passwords of systems.

I am not leet, far from it. It’s more of a passion for me. I am not a coder which is a major hindrance, but this is not due to lack of trying more due to learning difficulties (you may notice poor grammar and spelling in this site). Everything I have learnt is self taught, but what I am good at is once I get a little bit of information I am able to create and plan an attack sorry a “test” :). I am good at joining up lots of different things to do what I need to do. But saying I am not a coder is not 100% true, I have taken other people code and made it better, I can understand people code. Enough what I can’t do, but what I can do is a jack of all trades I am not a specialist which makes me more dangerous I believe, I am not part of any group / clan (haven’t found any that will let me join) so I had to learn on the fly. In my video section you will see some of the stuff I know and what I can do.

Can’t find the video section? Well this site has a secret section with videos I have created, I have put this in a secret section and you don’t need to be a robot to find it. It should be pretty easy for any body with a little security experience. I did this because I thought you should earn it :) once you find it could you let me know how you did it. I am constantly learning and more stuff I know the better :)

Wicked Clown